How to Read WhatsApp Messages From Another Device Without Them Knowing

Melissa E. Henry
can someone see my whatsapp messages from another phone

The spread of technologies all over the globe has given people the possibility to stay connected wherever they are. Free social media and messaging apps enhanced the influence of the Internet on people—no wonder more users sign up with various messengers like Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, etc.

WhatsApp is the most popular free messaging app people use as an alternative to SMS and MMS. Released in 2009, WhatApp keeps increasing its popularity in the U.S. In 2019, over 60 million people were using it, and predictions indicate that the number will exceed 85 million by 2023.

With its user-friendly interface, and a wide range of features, including voice and video calling, WhatsApp continues to solidify its position as the go-to messaging app for millions worldwide, making it an indispensable tool for communication in the digital age.

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Why Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages

how to read someones whatsapp messages without their phone

WhatsApp was regarded as a secure app that provided end-to-end encryption for all calls and messages over an extended period. However, significant security flaws were later discovered, exposing the weakness of the encryption and making it possible for anyone to read other users’ messages.

Additionally, WhatsApp made an agreement with Google, encouraging users to store their messages in their cloud storage, raising concerns about data privacy and security. So, in some cases, you can get an answer yes to your question: “Can someone read my WhatsApp? “

Another security drawback is malware. As was reported, WhatsApp users often became victims of receiving malware threats. Scammers could easily send a corrupted link to anyone on WhatsApp and infect the victim’s device with a virus.

Even now, it remains dangerous after WhatsApp has taken some security measures to protect users. People who share sensitive data or intimate content through WhatsApp think no one knows what content they send others. However, it’s not a problem to screenshot those messages and use them to abuse the sender.

If you want to prevent people close to you from getting into trouble on WhatsApp, consider learning to track WhatsApp messages without a target phone.

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages without Their Phone: 3 Smart Ways

If you desperately need to check WhatsApp messages without being seen by the target person, consider using one of the solutions described below.

1. How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Online Using Eyezy

The safest and most reliable way to access WhatsApp messages online without a phone is by using an advanced parental control app. Such apps make it possible to intercept the target person’s WhatsApp activity remotely without them knowing.

As an option, you can try Eyezy — one of the most feature-packed monitoring tools on the market. After installing it on the target cell phone, you’ll immediately get access to their WhatsApp messages, shared media files, and other social media apps.

Follow these steps to set up Eyezy:

  1. Go to and sign up.
  2. Select and buy a subscription.
  3. Log in to your mailbox and check it for installation instructions.
  4. Follow the guide from your email to set up the app correctly.
  5. Log in to your Eyezy dashboard and link the target device.
  6. Give the app a few minutes and start monitoring WhatsApp.

Unlike other apps you can find online, Eyezy isn’t just a WhatsApp monitoring app. With Eyezy, you can explore various monitoring options like a screen recorder, keylogger, and real-time location tracking. And even remote control on the target device!

Know what's up on their WhatsApp!
View their WhatsApp chats to prevent unwanted conversations.

2. How to Get the WhatsApp Chat History of Others Online with the Help of Chat Backup

If you need to see someone’s WhatsApp messages but don’t want to install any apps, consider restoring their deleted chats. Here’s how you can do it on Android:

  1. Access a target person’s cell phone.
  2. Uninstall WhatsApp from their device. Then, download and reinstall it.
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions, and enter your mobile phone number.
  4. When WhatsApp offers you to restore chats from a backup, activate this option.

Now, you can read the target person’s deleted WhatsApp messages and inspect them for potential dangers.

3. How to Check WhatsApp Messages by Spoofing the Phone’s MAC Address

whatsapp monitoring app

If you’re an advanced Internet user who enjoys challenges, you can get into someone’s WhatsApp by spoofing their phone’s MAC address. As was noted earlier in this article, WhatsApp has numerous drawbacks, and you’re going to like this one.

If two users have identical MAC addresses, they can use the same WhatsApp account on two different cell phones. You can find the MAC address in the target device’s settings and copy it to your phone.

Then, you need to install WhatsApp on your device, configure it using the target person’s mobile phone number, and use the received authentication code to verify your WhatsApp account. When you’re done, you’ll have a copy of the target user’s account, and you can read WhatsApp messages from another phone.

4. How to See Others WhatsApp Chats in Your Phone with WhatsApp Web

Discover an effective way to read someone’s WhatsApp messages using WhatsApp Web. With this method, you can easily gain access to your target user’s WhatsApp account and view all messages, audio, videos, status updates, and even listen to calls.

Here’s how to use WhatsApp Web:

  1. 1Open WhatsApp on your device and select the Desktop version from settings.
  2. A QR code will appear on your screen.
  3. Grab your target user’s mobile phone and open WhatsApp. Go to settings and click on the QR code icon.
  4. Tap on “Scan Code” and scan the QR code on your device. This will automatically log you into the target user’s WhatsApp account, giving you full access to read messages and view status updates.

Please note:

– This method requires access to your target user’s mobile phone credentials.

– When WhatsApp Web is active, the target mobile phone will display notifications on the lock screen, and the user can log out of their account.

Final Thoughts

If you’re bothered by the question, “Can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone?” the short answer is “Yes.” It means you can also check another person’s activity on WhatsApp remotely.

In light of the options available, the choice is ultimately yours. However, it is crucial to select a method that aligns with your requirements and respects the privacy of others.

Melissa has been working in education for more than 10 years. As a vocational education teacher in the finance and marketing career clusters, she is experienced in explaining complicated things in simple words. On top of equipping her students with the needed skills, she also shares her knowledge online, delivering marketing-related educational articles and how-to guides for various digital tools.


  • With option 3, will the target phone’s owner know that you have a copy of their WhatsApp on your phone?

    • Hi Renee. Thank you for your question. You can’t be 100% sure about this, and that’s why an Eyezy app exists. With the Invisible Shield feature, you can see what they’re up to on WhatsApp without worrying about them finding out. For any type of further issues, feel free to contact us. Have a good day!

    • Hi!

      If you think you have spyware installed on your phone, you should look through all the installed apps and delete suspicious ones. Look for suspicious folders in the file managers and google what they mean. You might stumble upon the folder that contains the spy software.

  • But it’s very dangerous as students can see the question paper before the exams, which we teachers exchange to get the best from the students. How can we secure our chat.

    • Hi! Remember about online and device safety. Do not leave your devices unlocked or share your personal number with students.

  • With option 3 how can one disconnect that person from gaining access to your WhatsApp account

    • hi John. Remember about online safety: do not share your personal information or passwords. If you think you have spyware installed on your phone, you should look through all the installed apps and delete suspicious ones. Look for suspicious folders in the file managers and google what they mean. You might stumble upon the folder that contains the spy software.

    • Hi!

      If you think you have spyware installed on your phone, you should look through all the installed apps and delete suspicious ones. Look for suspicious folders in the file managers and google what they mean. You might stumble upon the folder that contains the spy software.

  • hi i am from pakistan how can i check my girl friend whattsapp in my iphone6 thet with whom she is talking

    • Hi!

      This is a parenting app. Reading someone’s private messages without their permission is illegal. But if you want to track your kids, install the app on their device.

  • Hi Melissa – is there anyway ad the targeted person you are able to find out who is hacking tour whatapp or downloading varies/accessing files?.

    Thank You in advance



    • Hi!

      Your kid will not see that their device is being tracked. The app does not send any notifications and does not have an icon.

    • Hi Fiza,

      Unfortunately, it is impossible. Luckily, you only need a few minutes of access to your child’s phone to install it on their device.

    • Hello.
      Thank you for your questions.

      The access to your device is needed in this case.

  • just saying that this tracking app your selling is nothing more than stalkerware and used by jealous exes, stalkers, and scum hackers worldwide to hunt innocent victims . at least be honest with people . you know this product gets into the wrong hands 99.9 percent of the time .

    • Hello,

      Thank you for expressing your concerns. I want to assure you that we prioritize the responsible use of our software. As per our policies and terms of use, any illegal usage of the software (except for parental control or personal device protection) is strictly prohibited.

      We always strive to prevent any illegal use of our software, and if we have reason to believe that a user has engaged in illegal usage, we promptly block such offenders. This ensures they cannot access their account and data thereafter. Moreover, we collaborate with local authorities if necessary, offering full assistance whenever required.

      Our aim is to promote ethical and lawful usage, and we continually work to prevent misuse.

  • Hi, if I get a paid membership for Eyezy, will that include all services such as location, panic button plus instagram and WhatsApp… or there are separate membership and apps for each parental control feature?

    • Hi Hamed. Thank you for your question. Everything you’ve mentioned is included in one comprehensive subscription. Additionally, the advanced location services and a panic button are available through our dedicated app, Eyezy app. Simply download it separately from the AppStore to access these additional functionalities.

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