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Discover Web Magnifier

If they’re doing it online, we’ll help you find out.

With Web Magnifier, you’ll know their web habits — everything from what they searched for to how often they visit their favorite sites.

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Find out where they’re surfing without making waves.

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See their browser history

You’ll know what sites they visit, when they’ve visited, and how often they visit.

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Discover their bookmarks

If they have favorite sites, Web Magnifier can uncover them.

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Browser History Tracking

With Eyezy, you can log in and find out which sites they’ve visited. And filter out controversial ones.

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Website Blocker

Don’t want them to visit a specific site, like adult, gambling, or violent URLs? Eyezy can block anything for you.

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Screen Recorder

Get a clear picture of everything they’re doing. Literally. With Eyezy, you can review screenshots of their activity.

The next best thing to standing over their shoulder.
Actually, it’s way better.

No one wants to stand over their shoulder and see where they’re going in their browser. OK, everyone wants to do that. But no one wants to have to deal with the consequences of snooping.

That’s where Web Magnifier comes in. It shows you what they’re doing in their web browser without actually requiring you to stand over and watch. And you can review their history and bookmarks to gain a clearer picture of their online habits.

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With information at your disposal, you’ll know if they’re visiting sites they shouldn’t and developing online habits that could be harmful.

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There’s no better way to gain peace of mind. Period.

Web Magnifier makes it easy to see what they’re up to in their browser. But it’s just one small part of what makes our parental control app so unique. Baked right into Eyezy is a full suite of innovative tools, including Keystroke Capture to show you everything they type and tap, Social Spotlight to let you see what they’re saying on social media, Magic Alerts to let you know where they are as soon as they get there, and so much more.

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Friendly Installer
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iCloud sync

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Local sync over Wi-Fi

Keystroke Capture
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Social Spotlight
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Social Networks

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Screen Recorder

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Text Messages

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Deleted Text Messages

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Phone Analyzer
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Phone calls

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GPS Locations

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WiFi Networks

Plans Breaker
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Files Finder
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Video Recordings

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Saved pics & videos

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Installed Apps

Web Magnifier
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Browser History

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Browser Bookmarks

Connection Blocker
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Block Website

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Block Wi-Fi

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Block Applications

Invisible Shield
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Magic Alerts
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Keyword tracking

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