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General Questions

Eyezy is a reliable parental control app that gives you access to valuable information about your child’s activity on their device. Through the user-friendly dashboard, you can see all sorts of data right from your phone or computer, including location, call logs, text, emails, etc.
We strive to provide superior protection for our customers. To accomplish this, we use advanced encryption protocols to protect your and your loved one's data. Not even our own team can see it. This way, you can be assured that monitored data is safe with only you having visible access.
With approval from various respected organizations worldwide, Eyezy has become one of the most reliable legal parental control solutions. For your actions to be legal, you have to meet some requirements. The monitoring person has to be your kid under 18, living under your care or an adult who gives you their consent. Please, remember that the law differs from country to country and even state. That’s why we recommend consulting your local authorities. Also, check our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before purchasing our app.
Eyezy takes a unique approach to phone tracking that keeps a target device's owner unaware of any monitoring activities. Eyezy will work secretly on a background mode to collect all needed data and send it to your dashboard. Since the app icon will be hidden, they won’t find any unfamiliar app on their device and have no clue about your actions.
For over the years, Eyezy has been a valuable tool for millions of parents around the globe. To back up our words with facts, we suggest you check honest reviews on Eyezy here.
You can use Eyezy on your computer or a smartphone. As long as it’s connected to the Internet, Eyezy will work perfectly to display all the monitored data from a target phone.
Eyezy works on all Android and iPhone devices except old ones bought before 2010-2011.
Before purchasing our monitoring solution, you can always check if it's compatible with your or your kid's device in Play/App Store or in our Compatibility Policy.
At Eyezy, we aim to give as many people as possible an opportunity to safeguard their loved ones. That’s why we provide our services and support customers worldwide.
Although Eyezy doesn’t provide a free trial, it has a demo version. See how the app and all its features work in action here.
Eyezy is one of the most affordable solutions on the market. It costs less than a cup of coffee per day, making it for anyone. Find out what Eyezy has to offer to keep your loved ones safe.

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