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Listen up. Call logger app shows you who they’re chatting with.

If they’re picking up the phone to have a conversation, you’ll know about it.

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Call Logger App

Know exactly who they’re talking to

With call log monitoring, you’ll have access to a world of phone call information.

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Find out who they called

If they dialed a number, you’ll know about it as soon as you log in.

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See who called them

You’ll see the number of the person who placed the call, so you’ll know who they’re talking to.

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See complete time and date info

Every incoming and outgoing call comes with a timestamp and includes the duration of the call.

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Eyezy is packed with everything you need to find out what’s going on in their world, wherever and whenever it’s happening.

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If you want to see someone’s phone call log, a call history tracker is definitely the way to go. It works by syncing the information in their phone call app with your personal Control Panel. Just by logging in, you’ll have access to everything you need to understand who they’re chatting with over the phone, how frequently, and for how long.

It’s very easy to do. Once you have a call log app installed on their phone, just log in to your Control Panel. From there, you’ll be able to pull up all their call details. It’s just like being on their phone, except you don’t need their phone in your hands to see everything.

Absolutely. Just log in to your Phone call log Control Panel and you’ll have access to all of their outgoing phone call details. We’re talking the phone number of the person they dialed, whether the call was answered, how long the call lasted, and when the call was placed. It’s all there for you to review, helping you paint a complete picture of their phone call interaction. That’s the power of a call tracker app.

Yes. Every time they place a phone call to someone, it’s saved on their phone. When you log in to your call history tracker app, you’ll be able to see the phone number of the person who called them. If their name is in their Contacts, you’ll see that information too.

With a call logger app, you’ll be able to see the phone number of the person who called them or they number they called, the name of the person if it’s saved in their Contacts, the duration of the phone call, and the date and time the phone call was made.

It’s very easy to do. Just install the call log software on their phone and you’re good to go. Interestingly enough, you don’t even need to know their phone number to install a call history tracker.

Great question. People change phone numbers for many reasons. The good news is if you use a call log app like Eyezy, you don’t have to worry if they happen to change phone numbers. That’s because the call logger app isn’t dependent on their phone number. As long as Eyezy is installed on their phone, you’re good to go.

Unfortunately, no. When you buy a phone call tracker, you’ll need to install it on their phone. You may need physical access to their phone to install the software, or you might be able to bypass it by knowing their iCloud credentials. But either way, you do need access to something to find out who they called and who called them. Simply knowing their phone number isn’t enough to complete the installation process and start monitoring their call log history.

Definitely. While you need access to their phone or their credentials to use a call log monitor, you don’t need access to their phone to see their cell phone call history after you install the monitoring app. Just log in to the call history tracker Control Panel and you’ll have access to all their information. That means if your kids are out and about, enjoying times with friends, you don’t need their phone to find out who they’re talking to over the phone.

Way more than you think. If you install a standalone cell phone call history app, you might not be able to do much else. But if you install a full-featured app like Eyezy, you’ll have way more than just a phone call tracker at your disposal. You’ll also have access to the chats they have beyond regular voice. We’re talking about the conversations they have on social media apps, in text messages, and more.

Not if you choose a call history tracker like Eyezy. It works in hidden mode, so once you install it on their phone, it’ll be very difficult for them to know you’re using it to monitor their call history. Remember, not all call trackers work in hidden mode, so always do your research before purchasing just any monitoring app.

You may be tempted by free call tracker software. And what’s not to love? Call tracker apps that don’t cost money seem incredible on the surface. But did a little deeper and you’ll quickly discover that they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. Unfortunately, these free apps are often designed to wreak havoc on your phone and your identity. They can be designed to steal your personal information, swipe your credit card details, and even violate your privacy in ways you never thought possible. If you’re in the market to track someone’s cell phone call history, make the smart choice and pick an app that costs a little bit of money. Remember, you get what you pay for.

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