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Eyezy reviews

Is Eyezy legit? Is it better than other monitoring apps? We’ll let our customers answer these questions for us.

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Let’s see what our longtime customers have to say about their experience with Eyezy.



The only parental app that worked for me

As a mother of two teenagers, I’ve tried out my fair share of parental and content filtering apps. Thus far, Eyezy is my top contender when it comes to the amount of stuff it offers for its price. I love that it actually lets you see messages on social media and it’s not just content filtering like with other apps. Would totally recommend it!



There have been some hiccups along the way but it’s worth it

I’ve been an active user for almost a year now and can say that the app greatly improved since I first got it. Some of the stuff is still a bit too technical for me and GPS can be a few miles off, but other than that, it does what it promises. I also wish they had more features for iPhones as right now it’s quite limited compared to what they offer for Androids.



It’s been of great help for our family

We’ve recently got our daughter her first phone and it’s been quite nerve-wracking trying to make sure she doesn’t stumble upon any inappropriate content online or get herself involved with some creeps. Eyezy has made it so much easier to keep an eye on her since now we can monitor her interactions remotely while at work. A real gem for parents!

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Eyezy app reviews from verified customers

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Definitely one of the better parental control apps

Been using it for a bit now and I’m quite satisfied with how it works. I like that the developers keep up with the current updates and constantly add new safety features to the app to not leave any loopholes for the kids to delete the app or disable certain functions.



Good for location tracking

I don’t feel good about looking at my children’s messages without their approval, so I mostly use Eyezy for its GPS and geofencing features. The notifications work well and I get alerts every time they enter or leave the school area. Would recommend!



Better than I expected

Honestly, I had pretty low expectations for Eyezy since I’ve tried a few other similar apps and none of them really worked as promised. But this one surprised me. I’ve tried it on my daughter’s Android, and I’m now considering getting a second subscription to monitor my son’s phone as well.



Great idea for the app, but execution could’ve been better

Getting it to work on my son’s iPhone was quite an ordeal. It took a few hours and a lot of back-and-forth with the support team. Everything seems to be running smoothly now, but the installation process shouldn’t be this complicated.



Works with interruptions

We had to re-install the app three times because it kept disconnecting for various reasons, which is annoying. Other than that, the app is fine.

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