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Discover Files Finder

If you can’t take their phone, you can at least take a peek inside.

Files Finder shows you exactly what’s saved on their phone. Pics. Videos. Files. All in one spot.

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Put your feet up. Scrolling through their phone is a piece of cake.

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See their photos

Not every selfie they take ends up on their social media. Some remain on their phone. With Files Finder, it’s easy to see them.

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View their video recordings

Videos are meant to be fun. Keep it that way by making sure they’re taking videos you approve of.

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Find out what they’ve saved

Maybe someone sent them a pic or a video. Or they found it online. Either way, Files Finder lets you see them.

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Check out their installed apps

Are they using apps you don’t approve of? Use Files Finder to find out.

Finally, a simple way to view their pics, videos, and apps.

There’s so much on their phone. Selfies they’ve taken. Videos they’ve captured. Apps they’ve installed. And that’s just the start. Don’t forget about all the pics and videos they’ve found online. Or stuff that their friends sent them through chat — now all saved on their phone.

Scrolling through everything can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have access to their device. That’s why we created Files Finder. Just log in to Eyezy and you’ll see all the important stuff that’s on their phone.

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It’s a great way to make sure they’re not storing anything controversial that could get them into trouble — or using apps you don’t want them to use. It’s ridiculously powerful and super simple to use. See for yourself.

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There’s no better way to see their pics, videos, and apps. Period.

Eyezy’s Files Finder is a game-changer. But it’s just one small part of what makes our parental control app so special. Baked right into Eyezy is a full suite of powerful tools, including Keystroke Capture to show you everything they type and tap, Social Spotlight to let you see what they’re saying on social media, Magic Alerts to let you know where they are as soon as they get there, and so much more.

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Files Finder
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