Locate iPhone by Number: 3 Options That Change Everything

Jeremy Heyer

You worry. We get it. We’re parents too. When our kids aren’t nearby, our heart races a little bit faster. We imagine the worst.

Did they get lost? Did they run away? Did they meet someone online and meet up with them? If any of these questions have crossed your mind too, you need the best tool to track iPhone location by phone number.

Whether you’re looking to find a lost iPhone or you want to give your kids a bit more freedom as they roam the neighborhood, being able to find iPhone by phone number is crucial. Here are the best options you need to consider.

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Option #1: Eyezy

What if there was a way to track iPhone location by phone number without even knowing their phone number? What if you could find a method that worked even if they swapped out SIM cards? You found it. And it’s called Eyezy.

Eyezy is a state-of-the-art monitoring app that lets you discover their location. Not just their current location, but also where they’ve been and when they were there.

The app features all kinds of tools, one of which is Pinpoint. Just head to the Pinpoint section in your Eyezy Control Panel and you’ll see their detailed location history, plus their current, real-time location. You can even view their location on Google Maps.

Knowing how to track an iPhone by phone number is just the beginning. Pinpoint pairs beautifully with another Eyezy tool called Magic Alerts, which notifies you when they arrive at or leave a specific location (like the club you don’t want them to attend).

Impressed? We’ve barely scratched the surface. Eyezy even lets you read their private chats through a tool called Social Spotlight. More on that in a few minutes.

Main Benefit: More than just an app to find iPhone by phone number
Keep in Mind: Includes other tools you might not use

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Option #2: Detectico

If you don’t want to install special software on their phone, there’s a great location iPhone by number tool called Detectico. Don’t think of Detectico as an app. Instead, it’s a service that you can access from any device through a browser.

Just punch the phone number into the iPhone location by number service and add a message. You can choose from a pre-set message (Detectico offers lots of them) or type out your own.

It’s a good idea to choose a message that you think will intrigue the person on the other end because the goal is for them to tap the link in the message. As soon as you hit the Locate button, Detectico will send a text to their iPhone. And when the person on the other end taps the link, Detectico will send you their location.

Main Benefit: No app to install
Keep in Mind: Requires the person on the other end to engage with your message

Option #3: The Find My App

If you’ve also got an iPhone, you already know how to track an iPhone by phone number — or at least you should.

Apple has a built-in app called Find My that lets you find things like your wallet and keys (using AirTag), other Apple devices (like Macs, iPads, and iPhones), and people (assuming they have an iPhone and are sharing their location with you).

Just fire up the Find My app on your iPhone, tap People at the bottom, and see the location of the people who’ve shared their location.

Before you can see their location, they’ll need to share it with you from their iPhone. So if you’re hoping to just randomly find their location without their permission first, you’re out of luck.

Main Benefit: It’s built into the iPhone
Keep in Mind: They’ll know you’re tracking them

And the Winner Is

If you have to pick one solution, Eyezy is your best bet. The fact that it works in hidden mode is extremely beneficial. After all, you don’t want them to know that you’re using a tool to find iPhone by phone number. But it’s about more than just being hidden. It’s about having the power to keep them safe, something that Eyezy does extremely well.

Remember the Social Spotlight tool we told you about earlier? It lets you read their private chats in the Messages app, including iPhone-to-iPhone messages and texts between iPhone and Android. And it lets you read their chats on social media platforms like Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Kik, and so much more.

You also get other big features, like Files Finder, which shows you what pics and videos are on their phone. And Phone Analyzer, which shows you who they called. There’s a lot to love about Eyezy, so if you’re looking for something that exceeds your expectations, put it on your shortlist.

One important thing…
An iPhone location tracker by phone number app is designed for parents to monitor their kids. It’s legal to do so, as long as you’re monitoring your child, they’re under 18, and they’re under your care. Always check with legal experts in your area before using any such app.

Jeremy is a journalist and a blogger who is deeply passionate about digital technology. He keeps an eye on the latest digital trends and innovations, enjoys reviewing brand-new devices, and wants to test as many mobile apps as possible. Jeremy crafts content around trending technologies related to various industries, including the parental control niche. His articles and posts are based on his own observations and experiences.

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