iKeyMonitor App: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (And More)

Melissa E. Henry

Tired of reading iKeyMonitor reviews that do nothing but sing its praises? Well, we’ll warn you. iKeyMonitor is a solid app, so we can’t fault the editors of those other review sites for telling it like it is. But there’s more to the story here.

While iKeyMonitor includes a huge number of features, there are some caveats you should know about. We’re covering the big ones today to help you make the right choice before you pull the trigger and buy the monitoring app.

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Features: What’s Included in iKeyMonitor

Phone Surroundings

The iKeyMonitor app gives you the power to listen in to what’s happening around them. By clicking a few buttons, you can turn on their phone’s mic and start recording. It’s a smart way to find out if they’re in trouble.

Call Recording

Many iKeyMonitor reviews skip over this feature, but we think it’s worth highlighting. With the monitoring app, you can record incoming and outgoing calls made to and from WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, and others. It also supports recording calls made to and from the traditional phone app.

SMS & Messenger Monitoring

Having the power to read their private conversations is a game-changer. And after conducting our own iKeyMonitor review, we can confidently say that the social monitoring capabilities in this app are quite impressive. There’s support for WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, Vibe, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, and more.

Remote Photographing

The iKeyMonitor price can be expensive, so it’s important that it includes a lot of sought-after features. Being able to remotely turn on the camera and take photographs is a feature that many parents demand from monitoring apps. iKeyMonitor includes it.

All snapped photographs are available to see in your private account. And you can even choose to activate the front or rear camera. Your call.

Photo Viewer

Once you figure out how to install iKeyMonitor on target device, you’ll have access to every feature that’s part of your chosen plan, including the ability to check out their photo library. You can view images sent through various apps, plus the images they’ve saved to their Photos app.

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iKeyMonitor Compatibility

• $9.99 for 3 days
• $16.66/monthSelf-hosted
• $10/month (billed annually)
Android & iOS

• 1-month plan for $47.99/mo
• 3-month plan for $27.99/mo
• 12-month plan for $9.99/mo

# of devices• 1 device
• Minimum 25 devices required for Self-hosted plan
Up to 3 with Family Plan
Location trackingYesYes
Social media trackingYesYes
Remote restrictionsNoYes

iKeyMonitor Pros and Cons


  • Expansive social media support
  • Works in stealth mode
  • Remote camera monitoring


  • Complicated pricing model
  • Self-hosted plan requires 25 device minimum commitment
  • User interface could be better

iKeyMonitor Reviews from Real Users

You can read as many iKeyMonitor reviews as there are people in Key West, Florida. But what really counts is what real users have to say about the app. That’s why we’ve sourced a number of reviews from actual iKeyMonitor users. Here’s what they have to say.

The Battle Begins: iKeyMonitor vs. Eyezy

If you’ve read through this iKeyMonitor review and are thinking about pulling the trigger, you’re likely wondering how it stacks up to Eyezy, one of the most advanced (and most loved) monitoring apps available for purchase.

To help you make a better, more informed decision, we’re pitting the two apps against one another in three separate feature battles. Let’s begin.

Battle #1: Social Media Monitoring

As far being able to read their private chats is concerned, iKeyMonitor does an excellent job. And so does Eyezy. Both apps offer support for WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, and more. But iKeyMonitor offers support for additional social media chat apps that Eyezy doesn’t.

But before we give the win to iKeyMonitor, it’s important to note that the missing apps are either regional in nature (like Vkontakte) or not used very much. For example, there’s support for BBM chat (does anyone even use BBM?).

What’s more, many iKeyMonitor reviews point out that when it comes to reading chats, the UI found in Eyezy makes more sense.

Winner:  Tie

Battle #2: User Interface

Some iKeyMonitor users complain that the user interface feels a bit confusing. The dashboard contains a bunch of tiles, with similar information that you’d find in the left nav bar. And with many items accessible via popups, things can get confusing.

While the user interface is a matter of preference, many will give the win to Eyezy after using both.

Winner:  Eyezy

Battle #3: Screenshots

Sometimes, you need a little visual confirmation to believe what’s really going on. iKeyMonitor has you covered with its built-in screenshot system. It takes screenshots of their phone in use so you can review what’s happening later.

Eyezy also includes this feature, so you’d be well served with either app if this feature is important to you.

Winner: Tie

iKeyMonitor: The Final Word

When it comes to monitoring features, iKeyMonitor is probably one of the most robust available on the market. If you need it, iKeyMonitor probably does it.

But if you’re looking for something that just feels simpler to use, is easier to install, and that is constantly being upgraded with new features, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better choice than Eyezy. The simple pricing model also makes it easier for your wallet to digest.

You can check out the free demo on the Eyezy website and see for yourself.

Melissa has been working in education for more than 10 years. As a vocational education teacher in the finance and marketing career clusters, she is experienced in explaining complicated things in simple words. On top of equipping her students with the needed skills, she also shares her knowledge online, delivering marketing-related educational articles and how-to guides for various digital tools.

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