Affiliate Program for Moms: Increase Your Income While on Maternity Leave (And Beyond)

Melissa E. Henry

If you love Eyezy as much as we do—and if you’re passionate about helping parents protect their kids and teens—it’s time to spread the word and make some money. Parents all over the world are doing just that by joining the Eyezy Parenting Affiliate Program. It’s a great way to help keep kids safe while growing your income.

Perfect for Moms on maternity leave, busy parents looking for a side hustle, or passionate marketers with a built-in platform, family affiliate programs like Eyezy’s are one of the most lucrative.

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About the Eyezy Affiliate Program

BizzOffers, an affiliate management company, has exclusive rights to promote Eyezy. If you want to join an affiliate program for moms and dads, BizzOffers is the only official place to help you get set up.

Joining the Eyezy affiliate program is easy:

  1. Go to BizzOffers and click the Join Now button.
  2. Complete the registration form by entering a few pieces of info, like your name and email address.
  3. After an affiliate manager reviews your application, they’ll get in touch. Given the volume of people interested in parenting affiliate marketing, it could take a day or two to hear back, so please be patient.
  4. As soon as you hear back with the thumbs-up, simply log in to your account.
  5. Find your Eyezy affiliate link. Then use it on your website, on social, or wherever your audience is. When people click your link and purchase Eyezy, you’ll get paid.

Why BizzOffers?

We’ve partnered with BizzOffers because of their reputation for helping new and seasoned affiliates make money by promoting unique products in specific niches.

BizzOffers only partners with select companies, so we’re honored that they’ve agreed to work with us.

When you get into parenting affiliate marketing with BizzOffers by your side, you’ll see what makes them so special. They really take the time to learn all about the products they’re promoting and the target audience of those products. That’s pretty unique in the affiliate game.

How Much Money Can You Make as an Eyezy Affiliate?

With BizzOffers, you can make 40% Revenue Share or $20 CPA. What’s more, with the Eyezy affiliate program, payments are made weekly, not monthly like some other parenting affiliate programs. That means the potential for more money flowing into your account more often.

Why Parents Are So Attracted to Monitoring Apps Like Eyezy

As a parent, you already have a reason for choosing a monitoring app. But your reason might not be the same as another parent’s. So as a quick refresher, here are a few reasons why the parental monitoring niche is so attractive for parenting affiliate marketing:

Social media dangers

It seems like there’s always a new social media app popping up — and it’s tough for parents to keep up. Parents are always looking for ways to see what their kids are saying in chat apps and who they’re talking to. An app like Eyezy delivers.


Teens don’t fight on the playground or in the schoolyard. They fight online by sharing rude memes and sending mean texts. Parents want to keep their kids safe online, which is why Eyezy is so attractive.

Prevalence of adult content

From access to inappropriate pornography to dangerous apps where predators prey, the smartphone is a gateway to danger. Parents need to make sure their kids aren’t seeing stuff they shouldn’t or interacting with people who want to do them harm.

What Makes Eyezy So Unique?

There are a number of parental monitoring apps on the market, each with an affiliate program to help drive sales. So, what makes Eyezy the one worth promoting? Here are 3 big reasons:

  • Eyezy is built for parents, by parents. The people behind Eyezy really understand parenting pain points. And they’ve designed an app that’s powerful but so easy to use.
  • Unlike other monitoring apps, Eyezy features something called Invisible Shield. It hides the app on their phone, so kids and teens won’t know they’re being monitored.
  • They’re constantly unleashing new features. Just when you thought Eyezy can’t get any better, along comes something innovative to make it even more powerful.

Don’t Miss Out on Making Money

Parents just like you aren’t just keeping their kids safe. They’re helping their savings grow, too, with the Eyezy affiliate program. There’s no cost to sign up, so go to BizzOffers, plug in your info, and start earning those commissions.

Melissa has been working in education for more than 10 years. As a vocational education teacher in the finance and marketing career clusters, she is experienced in explaining complicated things in simple words. On top of equipping her students with the needed skills, she also shares her knowledge online, delivering marketing-related educational articles and how-to guides for various digital tools.

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