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Read your kids’ email with the most powerful Gmail Monitoring app around.

With Eyezy, you’ll have access to your kids’ inbox. Every sent email. Every received email. It’s all there.

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Read Someone’s Gmail Tracker

Read your kids’ email and make sure they’re safe

The Eyezy Gmail tracker makes it easy to find out if they’re communicating safely.

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See who your kids are emailing

You’ll have access to every sent and received email. Drafts too.

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Check in on spam

Make sure they’re not being fooled by scam emails.

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Stop stranger interactions

Predators meet kids in chat apps, but they’ll often use email to continue the conversation.

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A world of safety.
All at your fingertips.

Eyezy is packed with everything you need to find out what’s going on in their world, wherever and whenever it’s happening.

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3 easy steps to get started

  1. Pick your membership

    We’ve got plans for every need. Just create your account and choose the plan that’s right for your family.

  2. Install Eyezy

    Our Friendly Installer will show you everything you need to do to get started. We made it easy for you. And in case you need some help, our 24/7 support is always there for you!

  3. Dig out the info

    Log in to your Eyezy Dashboard and discover the truth about those you care about the most. Dispel any doubts in your family relationships and make wise data driven decisions.

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Are you worried about who they’re emailing? Then you need to invest in a Gmail tracker. Once installed on their phone, you’ll be able to read their email correspondences on Gmail. Whether they’re emailing with someone they met in a chat app, responding to a phishing email and sharing personal information, or something else, you’ll know about it.

We built our Gmail monitoring software for parents. If you’ve got kids at home and they’re 17 years of age and younger, you are most likely allowed to read their digital communications without asking them in advance. This is the law in most jurisdictions, but we encourage you to read your local laws before investing in and using any Gmail tracker.

You can only access another person’s Gmail account if that person is your own child. If that’s the case, then you’re good to go with Eyezy. First, buy a subscription to the app. Next, check your email for install instructions and your account details. You’ll be guided through the install instructions, and once everything is installed, you’ll have access to their inbox.

When you sign into someone else’s Gmail account using Eyezy, you’ll have access to your child’s entire inbox. This includes the emails they’ve sent and the emails they’ve received. You can also see anything saved in their Drafts.

If you’re like a lot of parents, you’re worried about what your kids are up to online. We’ve all heard about social media being a major problem for kids because of cyberbullying, sexting, and other horrible behaviors, but a lot happens on Gmail too. As a parent, you deserve to know what’s really going on. Being able to log into someone else’s Gmail can give you the answers you deserve.

You’d be surprised. Parents whose kids aren’t doing great in school have found Gmail monitoring to be an excellent digital partner. By being able to see their kids’ emails from various teachers, parents can better stay on top of what their kids are learning in school and remind them of homework and project due dates.

You can, but you’ll need to know their password. And if they change it, you’re out of luck. But by being able to get into someone’s Gmail using an app like Eyezy, you won’t need to enter their password when you want to read their email. Just log in to your Eyezy dashboard and find out what they’ve been saying.

We recommend staying away from those. They’re most likely designed to steal your personal information, or your kids’ personal details. It’s best to get an app from a reputable company you know and trust.

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