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Make Snapchat a safe space for your kids

Snapchat is so much more than quirky camera filters, it’s a way to talk to people all around the world. People you don’t know. Make sure your kids are being responsible on Snapchat with our monitoring app.

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Eyezy is not sponsored or in any way associated with Snap Inc. We are using the Snapchat name only to showcase the product’s features.

Snapchat Tracker

See all their Snapchat conversations

One app gives you access to everything. It really is that powerful.

Monitor your kid’s conversations

Eyezy lets you keep an eye on chats in all popular messengers, including Snapchat. It really is that powerful.

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View their Snapchat messages

If they said it on Snapchat, you can see it with Eyezy. Install once and you’re good to go forever.

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See what pictures your kids share

It’s not just the written conversations in Snapchat that you’ll see. Eyezy also uncovers photos they’ve sent and received.

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Know if they’re in trouble

With access to all their conversations on Snapchat, you’ll know if they’re chatting inappropriately.

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A world of safety.
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Eyezy is packed with everything you need to find out what’s going on in their world, wherever and whenever it’s happening.

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    We’ve got plans for every need. Just create your account and choose the plan that’s right for your family.

  2. Install Eyezy

    Our Friendly Installer will show you everything you need to do to get started. We made it easy for you. And in case you need some help, our 24/7 support is always there for you!

  3. Dig out the info

    Log in to your Eyezy Dashboard and discover the truth about those you care about the most. Dispel any doubts in your family relationships and make wise data driven decisions.

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Keep them out of unwanted conversations on Snapchat

Capture every snap before they disappear. Find out if they text with the wrong people or share personal pics on Snapchat.



We get it. Snapchat makes you nervous. As parents, we totally understand. The chat app was designed to help users stay private by deleting messages after they’ve been seen. That’s great for users, but not so great for parents who want to make sure their kids aren’t communicating with creepy strangers or being bullied by their peers. That’s why our Snapchat tracking feature is so loved by parents. It puts them back in control by giving them the power to review their kids’ Snapchat conversations.

If you want to know how to monitor Snapchat, you’ve come to the right place. It’s so easy. First, you’ll need to install Eyezy monitoring app on their phone. Do that by choosing a subscription, paying for the service, and then checking your email. There, you’ll find installation instructions and login details for your Control Panel. Once everything is set up, you can pop in at your leisure and review their chats.

Absolutely. That includes sent messages and any messages they’ve received. So if it’s written in a Snapchat conversation, you’ll be able to see it.

Snapchat got its start as an image-sharing platform, so the best Snapchat monitoring apps let you see the pictures or Snaps they’ve sent and received. But not every Snapchat tracker app is the same, so always make sure the one you’re choosing lets you see pictures.

We know what you’re thinking. If Snapchat is designed to delete messages after they’re sent, what good is a Snapchat monitoring app? That’s the beauty of Eyezy. When you install it on your kid’s phone, you’ll be able to see what they write in their chats. And because Eyezy includes a screen recorder, you’ll be able to see their Snapchats, even if you happened to miss a deleted message.

We can’t promise you that it will save them. But we can tell you that when you monitor Snapchat using an app, you’ll be able to see their conversations, including texts and pics. That means you can pop in and review their messages, including those that might involve bullying. Remember, kids choose Snapchat to bully others because they think they can’t get caught. After all, if a message disappears, how can anyone prove that you’ve been bullying someone? But with an app to monitor Snapchat in your corner, you’ll have proof.

It’s easy to contact strangers on Snapchat. And that means a random person could end up sending your child inappropriate messages. If you have our Snapchat monitoring feature in your corner, you’ll be able to identify incidents of harassment and conversations that are sexual or inappropriate in nature. And then you can take action.

A lot. We know kids don’t just use Snapchat to communicate with friends, new and old. They use other social media apps, like Facebook Messenger, Kik, Line, WhatsApp, and even Tinder. That’s why when you get a full-featured app to monitor Snapchat, you’ll have access to their conversations on the world’s most popular social media platforms. And if they use plain old text to communicate, you’ll see that too.

We know you’re interested in way more than how to track Snapchat conversations. You want to keep them safe, whatever they’re doing on their phone. An app like Eyezy has you covered. You can see their calendar, check out the pics and videos stored on their device, find their location on a map, get alerted if they’re going somewhere you don’t approve of, and so much more. Basically, if they’re doing it on their phone, you’ll know about it with Eyezy.

We have good news. If you’re using Eyezy to monitor your own kids who are under 18, you are well within your legal rights to use a Snapchat monitoring app to see what they’re up to. However, if you want to monitor someone else, like a stranger or someone over the age of 18, you can’t unless you have their explicit permission to do so and they’re completely aware. But before taking our advice, always check with your local laws. They have the final word on whether or not using a Snapchat tracking tool is legal.

We don’t recommend it. Free Snapchat tracker tools are usually nothing more than spyware designed to steal your personal information, like your credit card number. And if they aren’t trying to steal your money, they’re likely interested in stealing your data, which can be just as dangerous.

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