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You can’t be a part of their conversations. But you can still
read everything.

That’s the magic of our Social Spotlight. Texts. Social chats. Emails. You name it.

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They’re chatting everywhere.
So we made Social Spotlight work with pretty much everything.

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Drop in on their social chats

That includes WhatsApp, KiK, Telegram, Viber, Tinder, LINE, Snapchat, Hangouts, Skype, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

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See deleted messages

Our Screen Recorder feature takes care of that, so you can see what they’re saying and what they’re sharing, even after they’ve deleted it from the chat.

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Read their text messages

What they’ve sent. What they’ve received. And even deleted messages.

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See their incoming and outgoing calls

You’ll know who they called, who called them, and when the call happened.

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Read their emails

If you suspect something’s wrong, their email might be the clue you need to make things right.

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View their contacts

Now, you can make sure that they’re not chatting with strangers or people you don’t approve of.

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Screen Recorder

Get a clear picture of everything they’re doing. Literally. With Eyezy, you can review screenshots of their activity.

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Text Message Monitoring

Are they glued to their phone? Find out who they’re texting and what they’re saying, no matter who they’re talking to.

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WhatsApp Monitoring

Texting people all over the world is easy with WhatsApp. And finding out what they’re saying is even easier with Eyezy.

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Telegram Monitoring

It’s no secret that Telegram is really secure. But Eyezy makes it really easy to see their conversations. Texts. Photos. Everything.

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Snapchat Monitoring

Stop worrying about what they’re snapping to their friends. Just log in to Eyezy and you’ll be able to see everything.

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Instagram Monitoring

Sharing photos is fun, but things get complicated when kids share things they shouldn’t. Now you can see everything.

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iMessage Monitoring

Are you an iOS family? Then you need Eyezy. It lifts the curtains on their iMessages, showing you what they’re saying, so you’ll always be aware.

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KiK Monitoring

Worried about controversial conversations on Kik? With Eyezy, you can see their chats, helping you rest easy.

Finally, a simple way to read their chats
without being seen.

It’s not so easy to know who they’re chatting with if you don’t know where they’re chatting.

That’s why we created the Social Spotlight. It shines a light on everywhere they chat, letting you see exactly who they’re talking to and what they’re saying.

Social Eye Chat Spotlight bottom image

We started with support for all their favorite social media chat apps. WhatsApp. KiK. Telegram. Viber. Tinder. LINE. Snapchat. Hangouts. Skype. Instagram. And Facebook Messenger. And we continued by extending it beyond social, right into the heart of their phone, targeting the built-in apps they use to text, email, and make calls.

So wherever they’re chatting, you’ll know about it. And you’ll know exactly what they’re saying. It’s a great way to make sure they’re not chatting with people they shouldn’t be chatting with, or saying things they shouldn’t be saying.

A smart tool designed with their safety in mind. That’s the power of Social Spotlight.

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There’s no better way to read their chats. Period.

Eyezy’s Social Spotlight is super-advanced and designed to keep them safe while putting your mind at ease. But it’s just one small piece of the larger monitoring puzzle. Baked right into Eyezy is a full suite of powerful tools, including Keystroke Capture to show you every keystroke typed, Files Finder to let you see the photos and videos they’ve saved, Magic Alerts to let you know where they are as soon as they get there, and so much more.

Other solutions
Friendly Installer
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iCloud sync

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Local sync over Wi-Fi

Keystroke Capture
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Social Spotlight
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Social Networks

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Screen Recorder

text-messages icon

Text Messages

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Deleted Text Messages

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Phone Analyzer
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phone-calls icon

Phone calls

gps-locations icon

GPS Locations

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WiFi Networks

Plans Breaker
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Files Finder
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video-recordings icon

Video Recordings

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Saved pics & videos

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Installed Apps

Web Magnifier
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Browser History

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Browser Bookmarks

Connection Blocker
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Block Website

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Block Wi-Fi

block-applications icon

Block Applications

Invisible Shield
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Hide Eyezy icon

Magic Alerts
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Keyword tracking

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